Jay Electronica Speaks To DJ Semtex About Finishing Act II In London + More | Video

Semtex got the exclusive on this right here!!
After setting up shop in London for a hot minute wrapping up the legend that is his album Act II, Jay Electronica exclusively gave Dj Semtex a listen to the album and an interview.

“While Kanye has got the Internets going nuts, Jay Electronica has been residing in London for the past few weeks, working relentlessly in the studio, putting the concluding touches to the highly anticipated debut album, ‘Act II’.

Jay invited me down to the studio to hear some of the cuts of the album, and although I can’t talk on the specifics, from what I heard, I can say that it is everything you expect X 10.

It is a masterpiece, diverse HipHop excellence.

The guest features that he has pulled out of the bag for the collaborations are pretty much beyond your current comprehension, and the journey making this album is as inspiring as the music itself.

He’s done it, followed the code, cracked the safe, got the formula. The wait is almost over.”

Photo By Neil Raja for SoulCulture.