Jamie xx talks new album sound and working with Drake

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Jamie xx must be one of the hardest working people in the game right now. Currently on the road as a part of The xx as well as producing for others, he’s still making time to craft his own project as he works on his debut solo album – and speaking to MTV Hive, the talented producer let’s us in with some info on the new LP as well as working with Drake.

Describing what we can expect with the upcoming LP, Jamie says “Some of it’s dancy, some of it’s not. I’m trying to be as varied as possible because that’s what my DJ sets are turning into now. I like to make it a bit of a journey.

“It’s really coming from all of the experiences that I’m having on the road. I get to go to some many different countries and hear so much music and collect totally different records. It’s all very inspiring and I’m trying to embrace that experience because not that many producers get to have that.”

Somehow, Jamie has still made time to concentrate on producing beats for others, and having already worked with Drake on the incredible “Take Care,” the pair are again trying to work their magic in the studio for the Toronto-hailing rapper’s next album.

“I went to visit [Drake] in the studio at the end of last year to see how his album is going and we played each other some music,” Jamie says. “It sounds really good. I’ve sent him some bits and pieces for the album but he’s very, very busy and gets a lot of stuff in and out. Even with the last album, he was to and thro with tracks and wasn’t sure what was going to go on and what wasn’t. I don’t know what’s going to come out of it but hopefully we can do something together for [the album].”

However, the sound he’s working on for Drake is world’s away from “Take Care” as the producer says he was inspired by Barbados at the time.

“I went to Barbados for the week and went to a bashment party, which is amazing. It’s just a street party which they have every weekend but it’s a rare occasion in England. It’s a carnival-type thing. Then I went back and made some bashment-style beats, which I send him and I really like. I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.”

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