James Blake to release Love What Happened Here EP in December | Music News

After releasing the stellar debut album James Blake at the top of the year and recently releasing the Enough Thunder EP, it has now been announced that we will be getting another release from James Blake at the end of the year. R&S Records – the label which released Blake’s 2010 CMYK Klaiverwerke EPs – took to Twitter earlier to announce the release of a 3-song EP from Blake titled Love What Happened Here which is scheduled for release on December 11 and will include “Love What Happened Here” as the record’s A-side and songs titled “At Birth” and “Curbside” as the record’s B-side. Listen below to a radio rip of “Love What Happened Here” from earlier this year and “At Birth” which Blake included in his recent BBC Essential Mix.

“Love What Happened Here”:

“At Birth”:

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