Jaden Smith – ‘Shakespeare’ | New Music

“I’m looking for something sexy who needs a man to get busy with.”

At the tender age of 14, boastful actor/rapper Jaden Smith brings a new track in the form of “Shakespeare.” Will Smith‘s spawn takes a break from being in front of the screen to lay some verses down in the studio and get a little “grown man” on us with lyrics on his looks, girls and his aim to win a Grammy in the near future.

Putting his age aside, his flow on the mid-tempo track with a Hip-Hop feel is worth taking a listen to and proves that Mr. Smith does have talent both on and off the screen. Definitely an improvement from the last time we heard him — on “Happy New Year,” his joint track with Justin Bieber at the start of the year.

Take a listen to the track in full for yourself below.

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