Jaden Smith – “MSFTS Anthem 2” | New Music


Although still a young 14 yrs old, Jaden Smith is starting his very own movement with his MSFTS clothing range as well as the second part to an accompanying anthem for his followers to vibe to. The actor, rapper and fashion mogul-in-the-making shows off his skills in the booth as he proves that ballin’ isn’t something just left to his older constituents.

As he yells a chorus of “MSFTS run the city!” over a steady beat courtesy of The Movement, Jaden raps about Maybachs, Cartier jewellery and private planes as he proclaims that he “won’t wait ’til I grow up.” And if that wasn’t enough, the budding entrepreneur rubs it in a bit further; “Forget them record deals/ I done made enough from this movie stuff to pay for all of our meals.”

Well damn, sounds like Jaden’s taking after his father already.

Press play to listen below.