Jada Pinkett Smith dedicates new song “Burn” to Will Smith | New Music

It’s easy for Valentine’s Day to become an overwhelming corporate facade with the amount of Valentine themed mixtapes, videos, tracks etc we get bombarded with every February 14th, but then there is always one sweet and genuine (seemingly) gesture or event that happens that makes up for the rest of the forced products.
Actress, director, author and singer-songwriter Jada Pinkett Smith took to her facebook earlier today to unveil a new ballad entitled “Burn” dedicated to her husband and world famous actor, comedian and rapper Will Smith. Read her dedication and listen to the song after the jump.

With the major losses we have experienced in the last few weeks…

We should remember…

Our lives are worth living fully.


Our risks are worthy.
Our mistakes are worthy.
Our traumas are worthy as well.
The very paths we are told not to
tread are the paths that hold the
keys to our deepest understanding of
love for our lives and ourselves.

Self love is the gateway to truly loving

We were born to be loved and to love…

I love you.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
This is for you.


Listen To: Jada Pinkett Smith – “Burn”

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