J Dilla – “Dewitt To Do It” | New Music


Detroit beat maestro J Dilla is revered by many for being a prodigious crate-digger and having an amazing ear for loop samples, but his mic skills are often overlooked.
Friend and collaborator Frank Nitt (from Frank N Dank) has compiled unreleased material and is releasing it under the title Lost Scrolls, Vol. 1 with “Dewitt To Do It” as the first release from the project and is available as part of a Music From the Lost Scrolls 10″ vinyl project from Fat Beats.

The instrumental backing is pure Dilla, an obscure vocal sample over a looping drum and piano pattern, and anyone who owns Dilla’s Welcome 2 Detroit album from BBE will recognize the partial verse from “Shake it Down”.

Peep the track below.