J. Cole’s Born Sinner Ep. 3 “Ibrahim ‘IB’ Hamad” [Video]

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If you’re going to build a brand, you’re going to need a team.

From the word of mouth groundwork in Queens to million-dollar phone calls with Jay-Z, this latest installment of Born Sinner stresses the importance of a right hand man. Jay had Dame, Big had Puff and while Ibrahim ‘IB’ Hamad might be a lesser known name to the industry and fans alike, his input and systematic approach is seen and heard in every aspect of J. Cole’s music.

Like the earlier two pieces, this retrospective visual keeps the Born Sinner hype machine in full effect in a traditionally striking aesthetic. If the promo trail is anything to go by, Jermaine will certainly be stepping to the next level on June 18th when his second studio album Born Sinner is finally let out into the wild.

‘There’s a great idea in anything you start’

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