J. Cole Discusses Storytelling, Tupac, Nas, working with Kendrick Lamar & more [Video]

Roc Nation’s own, J.Cole sat down with Hard Knock TV for an in-depth interview where the emcee, whose debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story drops on September 27th, spoke candidly about a number of topics.

In the first part of this interview, Lightskin Jermaine discusses not wanting Jay-Z to outshine him on his debut opus, re-writing his verse after hearing Kendrick Lamar murder a track that he produced and believing his music to is reminiscent of Tupac and Nas. Below, the interviewer Hard Knock TV’s own Nick Huff Barili give a short insight into his sit down with Cole.

Part 1 starts off with Cole talking about picking a song for Jay-Z to jump on but not wanting to be out shined on his own track. Nick Huff Barili asked Cole if he has ever given an artist a song with verses already on it and then had to go back and re-write his verse, which Cole responded ONCE! …for Kendrick Lamar. Jermaine tells the story of how he gave Kendrick the song Temptations, which Kendrick murdered so bad that it made Cole want to change his verse. He also states that he is not gonna settle for a mixtape for tracks with Kendrick and that even if they have to wait a year he wants it to be for a joint album…..Cole says what he brings to Hip Hop is the story element like Tupac and Nas, that he feels is not prevalent in Hip Hop right now. Part one of this interview ends with Nick asking Cole about a post he made on his blog about Ted Talks and reforming education. The talk is by Salman Khan and the link is http://www.dreamvillain.net/?p=50


In the second part of the interview Cole talks about the story behind the much delayed title of his much delayed album, Cold World: The Sideline Story, how the sound of the LP has evolved over the last few years and his fight to ensure that his debut opus has 15 songs on it, similar to the debut albums of Lauryn Hill and Kanye West, even though Roc Nation founder and CEO Jay-Z only want 14 tracks on it.

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