iZotope x T-Pain create: The T-Pain Effect

Jay-Z prophesied the “Death Of Autotune,” and although it hasn’t completely died, the leading exponent of it has switched up the game a little piece.

T-Pain was the man that “glamourized” the use of Autotune this decade with countless acts following suit, making it the sound to have. We all know the truth, in that Cher was really the “innovator” of the God forsaken effect. Nonetheless, T-Pain recently said he’s turning his back on it and  will be using the “T-Pain” effect from now on. Enter “The T-Pain Effect.”

T-Pain has collaborated with audio plug-in company iZotope to release “The T-Pain Effect,” a software that allows the creation of beats and recording of vocals that will feature Mr. Pain’s distinctive style.

The blurb: “The T-Pain Effect centers on The T-Pain Engine, a self-contained beat-making and vocal recording application for PC and Mac. Aspiring artists can get started immediately by selecting from over 50 professionally crafted song templates comprised of hundreds of T-Pain approved beats. With the backing track in place, users can then sing, rap, or speak on one or two vocal tracks to record a song with ease.”

So, the monster that was Autotune, is now “The T-Pain Effect.”

Who else is over this already!?

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