IRS to garnish Nas’ publishing income | Music News

Nas has had some well-documented tax troubles in the past few years, and they seem to only be getting worse. TMZ has learned that the Queens MC will have his earnings garnished as the government attempts to collect on his $6 million tax bill.

The United States Federal Government has already filed papers to begin intercepting Nas’ publishing income from BMI and ASCAP, TMZ reports, until the steep debt is repaid.

In February, the IRS placed a lien on Nas’ home over a $339,000 tax bill, the fourth IRS lien Nas faced in as many years. In January 2011, he faced a $514k lien; he faced one in February 2010 for just over $3.3 million; and a lien of $2.5 million was filed in October 2009. He also faced a lien from his condominium association in 2010, as they took action over $3.8 million worth of common charges the owed by the MC.

In a 2010 divorce settlement, Nas was ordered to pay ex-wife Kelis nearly $47,000 in back child support, $40,000 in back spousal support and $10,000 a month in child support payments, as well as 90 percent of Kelis’ legal fees and nearly $50,000 in accounting expenses.

Despite his financial hardships, Nas’ new album is called Life Is Good. It hits stores later this year.

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