Drawn Out: Big K.R.I.T. + Joell Ortiz

Tired of seeing the same ol’ thing every time you watch your favorite artists being interviewed? Khia! Jackson was, so she decided to do something about it.

Jackson, a fine artist and graphic designer, is the mind behind Drawn Out, a fun, unique series of videos featuring some of Hip-Hop’s top personalities both sharing talents many didn’t know they had and trying to learn a new one as Jackson tries teaching them how to do something with their pencils other than write dope lyrics.

“Basically, its a skills exchange,” Jackson explains via email, “the underlying message being, 1) There is more to your favorite hip-hop artist than ‘bling and bitches’; and 2) If you as a (younger) audience member find something that YOU love like K.R.I.T.’s baseball, it could help you avoid the trouble you will get into running after ‘bling and bitches.’

“Plus, the hip-hop community deserves more creative content to match our creative music,” she added, punctuating her last quote with a “#Trill” hashtag to let me know how powerful she’d just come.

It’s powerful ’cause it’s true, and I’m hoping Drawn Out sparks more creativity throughout the community.

Check out the first two episodes — featuring Big K.R.I.T. and his aforementioned baseball skills and Joell Ortiz being kinda sneaky — below, and be on the lookout for future episodes.

Also, check out Khia! (can’t forget the exclamation point) and her work on her personal site, khiajackson.com.