In Photos: ?uestlove Spinning In Shoreditch (@ East Village)

Last weekend, the downstairs room of East Village was transformed into a dripping prison. Slave to the music of ?uestlove‘s educational DJ set, the room danced as one amidst the combined evaporated sweat of 300 or so spartan hip hop ravers.

?uest attacked his set with a clear sense of musical responsibility and desire to develop his audience’s knowledge, dropping classic after classic across decades of incredible, versatile Hip Hop interspersed with the original samples – and very occasionally taking to the mic to share his delight at stumbling across samples he didn’t even know he owned.

Strangers exchanged smiles, nods, excited sounds and lyrics for hours. No snobbery. No trouble. Just love.
It’s all in the name….

Props to The Doctor’s Orders for putting on such a dope night.

Scroll on for the visuals, shot by Neil Raja for SoulCulture:

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