Illangelo to release History of Man album x unveils first single “Crash Landing” | New Music


If you’re a fan of The Weeknd‘s Trilogy mixtapes then take note of this upcoming album release as the man responsible for the production – Carlo ‘Illangelo’ Montagnese – is set to debut his very own concept album called History of Man.

The concept album derives from John Milton‘s gargantuan poem “Paradise Lost,” and is described as “a ten episode audio, visual and literary project” being released through the recently launched Bromance US imprint on August 20th.

Illangelo is not only responsible for The Weeknd’s mysterious R&B sound but has also produced singles for the likes of Drake and Wiz Khalifa as well as branching out into the world of Pop doing official remixes for both Lady Gaga and Florence + The Machine.

You can check out the first offering from the album with “Crash Landing” below, and also the full tracklisting.


Chapter I: One Dreamy Hum

Chapter II: Crash Landing

Chapter III: The Escape

Chapter IV: Farewell

Chapter V: The Haunting

Chapter VI: War

Chapter VII: Seven Phases

Chapter VIII: A Strange World

Chapter IX: Shattered Paradise

Chapter X: The Forsaken Ones