Ice Cube and Forest Whittaker’s latest films go straight to DVD

According to ReelBlack, the financially troubled Weinstein Company has dumped two of its urban themed features direct-to-dvd as Blockbuster Exclusives: Janky Promoters and Hurricane Season.

Janky Promoters

You may recall seeing previews for JANKY PROMOTERS, starring Ice Cube and Mike Epps in theaters last spring. There was a theatrical release set for late October that never materialized. Instead, the film was released directly to Blockbuster on November 24 with little to no fanfare….

hurricane seasonThis past Tuesday saw the release of HURRICANE SEASON (aka Patriots) Starring Forest Whitaker, Taraji P. Henson, Isaiah Washington and Lil Wayne. Directed by Tim Story (The Fantastic 4) and written by Robert Eisele (The Great Debaters), it was originally set to be released last Christmas before the Weinstein Company opted to self distribute rather than rely on partner MGM…

Currently JANKY PROMOTERS and HURRICANE SEASON are only available for rental at Blockbuster. Sale copies of Janky Promoters are available at FYE, and Blockbuster. Sale copies of Hurricane Season only at Blockbuster so far.

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