Ibn Inglor – “New Wave” | New Music


The dystopian, ominous sound of Ibn Inglor returns today with another shrouded landscape of haunting synths, fearful drums and forceful wordplay featured on his new track “New Wave.”

Hailing from the ever-groundbreaking Chicago area, Ibn Inglor follows up the impressive “WAXXX” of two weeks ago with more signs that he is in fact dropboxing his music from somewhere far, far ahead of time.

“New Wave” is a tough but supremely creative ride, switching flows, beats and topics so brutally that you could be forgiven for thinking you’re actually a lead character in a RZA-produced, apocalyptic anime video game. Even the cover art would seem that way with the ‘Mature Rated’ insignia.

Present day or not, I hope we can expect to hear more of the same in the future as Ibn Inglor readies himself for the release of his upcoming mixtape New Wave. Be on the look out.

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