Ibn Inglor – ‘New Wave’ Mixtape | Stream/Download

Ibn Inglor New Wave

Impervious to the light of the day or quite possibly time, New Wave journeys to a distant future of orchestral synths and drops akin to worlds colliding. Put simply, if Spike Lee were to make a sci-fi horror, Ibn Inglor’s new mixtape would have to be the soundtrack.

Hailing from the rap mass production line that is Chicago, Ibn Inglor today returns to break the mould with his highly anticipated mixtape New Wave. With previously released tracks such as “Waxxx” and “Black Print,” it’s easy to see why Ibn has been able to jolt Hip-Hop’s neck to attention lately. With production from the likes of Mhone Glor, PGMW, E.N.O.N Jacobs and Tom Tripp a unique soundscape is built for Inglor to skillfully manoeuvre and evolve past earlier work, such as GawdsSpeed, into an echelon of his very own.

Inviting and provoking, New Wave won’t be one of the easiest projects to listen to this year but in its uncompromising complexity is a piece of genius that transcends from anything you’ll hear in 2013.

This is space age apocalypse music. This is new wave music.

DOWNLOAD: Ibn Inglor – New Wave Mixtape