Hopsin – “Deep Cover” (Freestyle) | New Music

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest Hopsin fan. Whilst he’s got an ability to produce bizarre and hilarious punchlines, I think the L.A. rapper also has a tendency to mess with his flow, voice(s) and eyes in a way that’s just a little bit tiresome.

Here, for the latest leak from the LA Leakers 2013 Draft Pics, Hopsin takes the try-hard energy [which sometimes makes him awkward to listen to] and channels it towards meeting Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg‘s classic “Deep Cover” instrumental. He does a solid job; in a short freestyle he manages to have a dig at the materialism of the rap game and Lil Wayne, then turn his lyricism in on himself, making his craziness a USP…

“I prefer to relax but I can’t and God knows it/ Gotta stay raw with the flow that I’m diagnosed with/ Oh shit n—-s keep fucking with my emotions/ Maybe that’s the reason I suffer from psychosis.”

Have a listen for yourself below: