Hassani Kwess – ‘Tri-State Mindstate (Concrete Tantra)’ (Prod. Blended Babies) | New Music

Washington, DC product Hassani Kwess has been building a solid rep for himself these past 12 months. Succeeding his Ruthless mixtape, which gathered contributions from Chuck Inglish, J*Davey and DJ Black Diamond, and, oh, a small feature on Asher Roth‘s self-titled Pabst & Jazz standout cut, Kwess is lining up a new project.

While still untitled (or at least Kwess is keeping schtum about it), today we get to taste the first sample of this forthcoming release with “Tri-State Mindstate (Concrete Tantra)”, which blends (pun intended) the host emcee’s assertive threats with the charging and festering boom bap menace of Chicago’s storming new production outfit The Blended Babies.

“This shit sound like ’03 Roc shit/Sound like ’96 ‘Yonkers’/All from this ’89 monster that’s badder than Detroit’s whole ’85 roster.”

Listen: Hassani Kwess – ‘Tri-State Mindstate (Concrete Tantra)’