Has SpaceGhostPurrp retired as a solo artist?

Miami goth-rap revivalist SpaceGhostPurrp is ending his solo career, according to a downcast status update he posted on his Facebook profile.

Despite the successes of the past year, which saw Purrp sign with British indie label 4AD and release two acclaimed solo projects (God of Black Vol.1 and Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles Of SpaceGhostPurrp), the 21-year old seems to have become seriously disillusioned with the rap game and made the decision to retire.

Part of his post on October 9 reads, “I won’t be doing this shit no more…I learned alot about this shady ass rap game…its like monkey see monkey do…and I’m not that type of dude…”

Yet this morning (Oct. 10), a further Facebook post from SGP seems to suggest he is taking sole responsibility for the decision. The latest update reads, “Leaving this shit is my decision nobody made a n—a leave … im my worst enemie ,, #RIPJITT fuck this world”. Jitt was Purrp’s best friend, aspiring musician Ladarius “Y.M.F. Jitt” Frazer, who was murdered during a dice game when he was 17.

Whilst the whole story is pretty doom and gloom, these posts don’t necessarily signal an end to Purrp’s musical career. If the posts are genuine, and if he does follow through with his decision (remember, in hip hop, retirement is never set in stone), SGP is still likely to continue releasing music in unison with his Raider Klan posse. His post ends with the statement, “GET READY FOR MY KLAN TO TAKE OVER.”

Indeed, with the recent release of  group compilation Raider Klan Presents : 2.7.5. Greatest Hits Vol.1., the process of moving from individual projects towards helping his team might have already started.

Hopefully this isn’t the end, but if it is, it’s been fun SpaceGhostPurrp.

Read his full post below:

Just want yall to know that threw these past 3 years from making music 4 yall i had fun mynigga .. i had a good year this year and showed niggas i can still be successful by myself since the beginning it was good to see alot of celebs be on my wave this year it was cool as fuck … but until then its all bout my raider klan fam .. i wont be doing this shit no more i learned alot about this shady ass rap game .. its like monkey see monkey do .. and im not that type of dude .. i never wanted be the perfect lyricist or best beat maker i wanted to be me and ima still be me .. just not in the shady ass rap shit … im to real for it and when i say real im to ME … not nobody else ..im done…GET READY FOR MY KLAN TO TAKE OVER

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