Gunplay – “Drop” | New Music

I don’t care what anyone says, Gunplay has been one of 2012’s most entertaining rappers. And I’m not just talking about his behaviour off the field, as they say in football.

Whilst being pepper-sprayed at the BET Awards and making genuinely watchable video blogs is nowadays a perfectly valid reason to blow up as a rapper, the man from the second-tier of MMG has proved with his music that  he’s technically stronger than many of his peers, as opposed to just technically on stronger stuff than most of them.
From freestyles over classic Raekwon to desperate religiosity to “Cartoons & Cereal” he’s contributed to rap music in his own indomitable way, and on “Drop“, the new single from his Def Jam debut Medellinhe snaps again. Have a listen below:

Whilst there’s no date on the album yet, my beady eyes will be looking out.