Ginuwine talks TGT, his new solo album, the state of R&B + more [Video]

During a recent visit to New York, 90s R&B phenom Ginuwine sat down with You Know I Got Soul to discuss the TGT project he’s lauched with Tyrese and Tank, whether he’ll be reconnecting with Timbaland and Missy Elliott for his upcoming solo album Old School Young, what he feels is missing from today’s R&B and much more.

While he refrains from blatantly dissing the current state of R&B, G says that today’s music doesn’t speak to him the way the music of old did.

“You can’t really hate on the music that’s out right now. It’s not my cup of tea, but my parents, our music wasn’t their cup of tea. You tend to like what you grew up with and that’s what it is,” he admitted. “I do like some of the stuff that’s out now, but hopefully the people that grew up with my music and Tank’s music and Tyrese’s music will continue to support us as TGT.”

G says that the supergroup known as TGT has been in the making for about four years, but that each member’s schedules haven’t allowed them to record much material. Now that they’ve found the time they’re about 10 songs in to their debut album, he says, and the project aims to restore what the members feel R&B is currently lacking.

“We’re going to go back and recapture that depth of R&B that we feel is missing now,” he says. “I came out in 1996 and the music was totally different back then and we’re just going to go back and recapture that and pick up where Jodeci left off.”

While the trio works on the TGT project, Ginuwine has also been working on Old School Young, his seventh solo album, and he says it will feature much more of his own writing to ensure that fans hear exactly what he wants them to.

“I’m picking up that pen more this time and really not allowing others to just write for me and me singing their lyrics. I really realize now that people really want to hear from me and it comes off better when it comes to you and your heart if you can do it,” he says.

Using his new album to rekindle the fire he caught in the mid-90s with Tim and Missy would be ideal, but, at this point, a reunion is just wishful thinking.

“I’m always keeping hope and keeping the faith. Hopefully we’ll be able to create that magic that we once had and that magic that people in our age bracket grew up listening to and loving. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that, I would love it.”

To hear what else Ginuwine had to say, including why he feels today’s R&B landscape lacks any real superstars and what keeps him motivated, watch the full interview below.