In a recent interview with The Boombox while promoting his forthcoming seventh studio album Elgin, R&B veteran Ginuwine gave the much maligned R&B singer Chris Brown a personal “co-sign” by declaring that Brown is the only artist (out of many that he sees) who has the same passion for music as he does.

The 40-year old singer also went on to point out that Chris Brown “deserves another chance” in reference to the 2009 incident where Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend and now pop sensation, Rihanna.

Ginuwine is quoted as saying the following…

“He was a kid and he made a mistake. Who doesn’t make mistakes? I’m sure he’s learned from his mistakes and wants to move forward. He was totally wrong, but it was a mistake. As long as he don’t do it again, I just think we should give him another chance.”

Ginuwine agrees though that the past didn’t harm Brown too much. “He’s doing really well still; has no. 1 songs, so he’s building it back up which is really important. You must fight, you can’t lay back down.”

Personally, I think it’s a bit too late for Ginuwine to be weighing in on Chris Brown’s situation and whether or not he “deserves” a second chance. The crux of the matter is that he (Chris Brown) has got and is taking his second chance and he certainly is not waiting around for people to determine if he deserves it or not.

Elgin – Ginuwine’s seventh studio album – is scheduled for release on February 15th via Notifi Music Group.

[via The Boombox]