Giggs x Noisey x Vice Magazine interview & live performance [Video]

It;s been well documented that ever since British Hip Hop artist Gigg‘s rise to notoriety that a majority of his scheduled live performances, including both his 2010 and 2011 headlining tours, have been cancelled by the police (Operation Trident). However, on May 12th 2011 he was able to perform some of his music to the masses as he and Vice Magazine’s new “video-driven music discovery platform”, Noisey joined forces to host a night at the Old Blue Last pub, a Vice Magazine owned live music venue in Shoreditch, East London. Below check out videos of the interview Noisey did with Giggs and footage of his performances…

“Meet Giggs” Interview & Live Performance:

Live Performance: “Hustle On”

Live Performance: “Monsta Man”

Live Performance: “Don’t Go There”

Live Performance: “Look What The Cat Dragged In”

Things are really starting to look up for Nathaniel “Giggs” Thompson… Salute!