Ghostface Killah sues Universal Music Group over unpaid Wu-Tang Clan royalties | News

Whilst on the receiving end of a lawsuit by Hollywood composer, actor and producer Jack Urbont for the Wu-Tang emcee’s sampling of the ‘Iron Man Theme’ on his 2000 solo album Supreme Clientele and his appropriation of the nickname ‘Tony Starks,’ Ghostface Killah is one again on a mission to collect full royalties for his Wu Tang Clan work, Billboard reports.

The rapper, real name Dennis Coles, reportedly filed a lawsuit against Universal Music Group on Wednesday (August 10) suing for alleged contract violations as, “The rapper claims that UMG only holds a 25% stake in Wu Tang Clan songs, not a 50% copyright interest as has been asserted.”

Meanwhile Urbont’s lawsuit against the rapper and Sony Music claims their “Iron Man Theme” sampling and branding a la Marvel Comics character Iron Man’s real name and true identity ‘Tony Stark,’ “gives them a substantial commercial advantage by linking Ghostface to Iron Man without paying for it.”

Head over to Billboard for further information.