Game’s Twitter prank causes LA Sheriff’s office phone jam; could face criminal charges

Oh dear, it looks like Game is could be in hot water with the Po Po again as the Compton bred emcee may face criminal charges for a “prank” he set up via his Twitter account. The 31 year old artist, who is preparing to release his fourth studio LP The R.E.D Album on August 23rd, sent a tweet asking his 580,000 plus followers to call a number if they wanted a chance to be his intern. According to reports, the number Game asked his followers to call was the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s official emergency number – and as a result hundreds of his followers decided to call the number, overwhelming the emergency phone system and subsequently causing a delay to the emergency service.

Speaking to The LA Times, Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said that the swarm of telephone calls, dubbed as a “telephone flash mob,” began pouring in about 5.20pm jamming the service for well over two hours.

“This was beyond irresponsible,” Capt. Mike Parker said. “The deputies’ ability to answer the phones and dispatch personnel to help these people in danger was significantly impeded.”

Although it is not known how many genuine emergency calls did not get through as a result of the “prank” calls that did, extra deputies had to be brought in to handle the high volume of callers. During initial investigations, deputies found Game’s tweets and determined that he had put out the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s information.

Game’s actions, including a Twitter exchange with police officers, will now be compiled into a report which will then be sent to Los Angeles County district attorney’s office for ‘criminal filing.’

[via LA Times]

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