G FrSH – ‘Fire In the Booth’ freestyle session [Video]

“Toast to success, a toast to more bread, I’m so f’d in the head I said a toast to more bread…”

Skilled British Hip Hop lyricist G FrSH recently paid Charlie Sloth a visit at his BBC’s 1Xtra Saturday morning Hip Hop show, where he stepped up to the mic for Sloth’s “Fire In The Booth” freestyle session. Over a random selection of beats, the South London bred emcee flexed his somewhat laid back but lyrically dense flow spittin’ bars clever bars such as “…I’m really trying to be fly, I ain’t no fuckin Ostrich,” “My ancestors were herders, I’m trying to be the G.O.A.T., the Greatest Of All Time,” “I had the balls, like my dick… I took the piss out of the system” and “I do music to double my paper, I literally take the PP.” G is a problem… Click play now!

Click here to download G FrSH’s recently released Purgatory EP.