Full audio of Saigon’s SOHH interview released, MC says ‘I stand by my words’ | Music News

When news broke yesterday that, during an interview with Hip-Hop website SOHH, New York MC Saigon had singled out fellow spitters Rick Ross and Big Sean when discussing music that “promotes the destruction of our community,” Sai immediately went on the defensive, saying via his Twitter account that while he did critique the state of Hip-Hop, his criticism did not single anyone out. He also accused the website of attempting to manufacture beef between he and Ross.

“Its not a secret I dont agree in the direction Hip Hop has taken but I wouldnt single out one person.. Think ya’ll… Think,” Saigon tweeted yesterday.

In response to his accusations, SOHH released the full audio of their interview with the Yardfather in attempts to prove their claim and defend their credibility.

While the audio does prove that Saigon mentioned Ross, it reveals that he also mentioned and discussed several other artists. This fact, Saigon feels, supports his claims that he didn’t single out Ross or anyone else, and that the SOHH headline — which read “SAIGON SAYS RAP’S DEEPER THAN RICK ROSS & BIG SEAN, ‘Y’ALL SUPPORT THIS SH*T?'” — was simply meant to draw attention.

“The shit n—as do for a headline,” he said.

Despite the controversy, Sai says that he understands the way things work and that his relationship with the media is reciprocal.

“I use the media like they use me,” he tweeted. “If i said I love every rapper, I wouldnt have the headlines on every site right now.. I know this game.”

He also pointed out that, unsurprisingly, he has new music on the horizon.

“Im still good at getting yall attention…. 9/11 Single coming June 13th ‘Rap vs Real (The Day Hip Hop Changed)’,” he said.

With the audio now out in the open, fans are left to draw their own conclusions. Do you think he called Ross out? Was he right about the state of rap? Is this whole thing a publicity stunt to promote his new music? Decide for yourself.

Listen to Saigon’s interview below, then read what else he had to say about it.


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