FREE MIXTAPE: Wild Young Heartbreaks (The Noisettes x Kanye West)


What do you get when you cross The Noisettes with Kanye West? Wild Young Heartbreaks, of course, a sick mix which mashes up the acapellas from the UK rockers album Wild Young Hearts with the samples, and ideas from Ye’s 808s and Heartbreak remade into new beats.

Curated by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, this remix project features remixes by 6th Sense, Double O, Apple Juice Kid, and more. We’ve been jocking The Noisettes for some time now, and when Mick Boogie approached us about presenting this project it was a no-brainer. Okayplayer is happy to present Wild Young Heartbreaks… get that free download on below.


1. The Noisettes f/ 6th Sense: Say You’ll Be Noisy (Remix by 6th Sense)

2. The Noisettes f/ Esso: Never Bad (Remix by nVMe)

3. The Noisettes: 24 Winters (Remix by Matt Friedman of ILLFONICS)

4. The Noisettes: Cheap Cops (Remix by Double 0)

5. The Noisettes f/ Christian Rich: Saturday Night Paranoia (Remix by Christian Rich)

6. The Noisettes: Upset Lockdown (Remix by 6th Sense & Apple Juice Kid)

7. The Noisettes: Amazing Heartbeat (Remix by The Cataracts)

8. The Noisettes f/ Dao Jones: Sometimes I’m Heartless (Remix by Apple Juice Kid & 6th Sense)


Courtesy of OKP