Freddie Gibbs – Soul Assassins radio interview + freestyle [Video]

Gary, Indiana’s most gangster rapper (their only one, if I’m not mistaken) Freddie Gibbs was on the West Coast recently, and stopped by L.A.’s Soul Assassins radio show, where he gave a brief interview and later kicked a freestyle.

Cutting the bullsh*t as always, Gangsta Gibbs spoke on his relationship with other rappers, saying he wanted to “rob” other artists at the recent PowerHouse event and stated he only gets a good vibe off about 30% of his fellow emcees, and detailed how his working relationship with Madlib – the pair released the Thuggin’ EP last year, and have both the Shame EP and MadGibbs LP due out this year – came about.

Over a funky instrumental, Gibbs then kicked a minute’s-worth of those smooth bars of his. Catch it all below.