Freddie Gibbs gets Huey P. Newton tattoo: Jun Cha Artist Series [Video]

Towards the end of January Hip Hop artist Freddie Gibbs, who released his critically acclaimed EP Str8 Killa in August last year, decided to get a tattoo on his back of the iconic 1965 photograph of Black Panther revolutionist Huey P. Newton. In honor of Black History Month renowned tattoo Jun Cha, who inked Freddie’s back to pay tribute to legendary civil rights activist, had the session filmed for his Artist Series – watch below. Happy Black History Month!

In an recent interview with, the Gary, Indiana MC had this to say about the now infamous tattoo:

Everybody has been talking about this tattoo, it’s just crazy. I didn’t get it for Black History Month. I just got it, you know? I love the image. A lot of n-ggas be thinking I’m not educated with my history. I know the history of the tattoo, Huey Newton, the black panthers and who took the picture. How Huey didn’t like it. All kind of stuff. So, n-ggas that [try to] check me, need to check their research. I just got it cause it means a lot to me. I needed a piece on my back. I didn’t want to get no bullsh-t. I’m too old to be getting bull tattoos.

Read the full interview at HipHopCube.

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