Frank Ocean’s final statement on Chris Brown R&Beef

Frank Ocean has taken to his tumblr to make public service announcement on the now resolved R&Beef between his Odd Future crew and Chris Brown.
He addresses the recent video that appeared online and the story around it.

“**breaking news**

frank ocean is not a gangster and does not gangbang. & has no idea how to react to paparazzi, other than to drive away. sorry if i disappointed any fans who thought i was the type to fight in the middle of the street and shit. also for the record, i never went to anyone’s dance rehearsal looking for anyone. in fact, i didn’t even know you could find gangsters at dance rehearsals. but it’s resolved. all is seemingly well. this isn’t worth escalating any further. just had to put this on my timeline as a memorial of some of the weakest shit i’ve experienced in this business so far. hopefully its really over. jah bless.

***annnd back to scheduled programming”

Later Frank added..
smh. now i need new plates. dammit.
So let’s hope that’s that. Everyone’s said their piece, now let’s get back to concentrating on making good music.

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