Frank Ocean f/ Tyler, The Creator – ‘Golden Girl’ | New Music

Having brought the release date of his long-awaited debut album forward (which makes a change with all these delays we see on the regular), Frank Ocean‘s channel ORANGE has seemingly been occupying online space at every other URL on these here internets.

But while Andre 3000, Earl Sweatshirt and John Mayer (albeit a silent contribution) effortlessly whet the appetite, coupled with host’s sublime vocals, of course, here we have that Frank Ocean-Tyler, The Creator collaboration we were all vying for.

But some sound advice: Don’t let those hopes rise too high into the sky. Bleeding past the closing track, “End”, “Golden Girl” – despite its charming melody – contains no more than 45 seconds of filtered bars from Tyler. (Skip to 3:44 to listen to “Golden Girl”)

Listen: Frank Ocean f/ Tyler, The Creator – ‘End / Golden Girl’

Stream the LP in full here and purchase the digital version on iTunes.

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