Frank Ocean debuts new song at Coachella [Video]

For the very first time, California’s Coachella festival was extended over two weekends this year. While the schedule may look identical, the sets seem to offer many more surprises, as Frank Ocean proved last night.

Playing his second show at the festival, Odd Future‘s transcending talent gave fans a taste of his existing hits (the majority from nostalgia, ULTRA) and then some, in the form of a brand new song, which he debuted yesterday. The details on the track are yet to be made clear, but the melodic beauty is certainly there to be heard (along with the assembly of screaming girls, of course).

Very few streams of last night’s Coachella performances were made available, contrary to last weekend’s mountain of footage, to which Frank jokingly tweeted: “it would be this week that things go well that they don’t stream. hahaha.” Thankfully, Karen Civil was on hand to record the song. Enjoy below.