Foxy Brown – “Massacre” (Lil’ Kim Diss Track): Who Cares?

**Rolls eyes and Sighs** Can’t these sistas just let it go?

As Nicki Minaj continues her assent to Pop stardom, my ex-wife Foxy Brown decides its time to revisit her old and tired back-and-forth war-of-words (dare I say ‘beef’) with Lil Kim, with the release of a new diss track titled “Massacre.”.

Foxy Brown – “Massacre”:

DOWNLOAD: Foxy Brown – “Massacre” (Lil’ Kim Diss Track)

To be honest, I won’t lie and say that I was looking forward to listening to this track. However, once I did, I realised that it confirmed everything thought it would be: The song is Horrible!!

Still slyly hanging on to Hov’s coat tails, Miss Ill Na Na chooses to spit mumble over the instrumental to “So Ghetto” (off Jigga’s Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter). Now saying that she mumbles on the track might be a bit harsh but she definitely sounds like shes mumbling. One can hardly make out word she saying, let alone a single bar.

Ohh and excuse my ignorance, but I thought Foxy was Trini (Trinidadian)? At around the 2:50min mark it sounds like she decided to go ahead and switch her (heritage) allegiance to Jamaica. **Blank Stare** Lyrically she doesn’t say anything you haven’t heard before when she’s referring to Lil Kim which makes the already unbearable track, ultimately boring.

I really didn’t want to listen to this trash track, for a number of reasons. Without being to political, nor digressing too much, it’s not easy for women, Black women, not to mention dark skinned Black women, to be given a fair crack at the whip [Pause] in this industry.

With that in mind, when you have two dark skinned Black women (errr… See Lil Kim circa 1996), who, with all due respect, aren’t the youngest of the bunch, still squabbling after well over ten years about issues no one cares about nor remembers, one tends to not give a damn.

So why post the diss track on the blog?

On my behalf, it is mainly to show how pathetic this “beef” has become. In an era when a handful of prominent female MCs are few and far between (in America not in the UK), one would think these ladies (after all these years in the industry) [or at least one of them] would have matured enough to realised that:

1. old beef should be left in the past, and

2. (with the rise of Nicki Minaj’s popularity) this is now an opportunity to encourage other up-and-coming female emcees with dope new music of their own.

Wishful thinking? Eh!? But no… instead these sistas have chosen to use Miss Minaj’s stardom to reignite an old and tired beef.

Do me a favour ladies… Give It A Rest!!

What these two, dare I say it, hasbeens don’t realise is that their “beef” has a horrible knock on effect on how other (American) female MCs are looked at.

With that being said, I am happy that the current crop of talented British female rhyme spitters such as, No.Lay, RoxXxan, Ms Darks, A.Dot, Baby Blue, Lioness, Envy and Lady Leshurr haven’t fallen into this trap [See below].

God Bless ya ladies…

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