Fox News slams NBC for giving Chris Brown top billing on Today Show [Video]

It looks like some of the American media are not letting up on Chris Brown. Fox news, known for their seemingly ignorant reporting (quite fittingly under the umbrella for Rupert Murdoch’s crumbling empire) recently slammed the NBC network for allowing Chris Brown to perform as part of their Summer series (watch his record breaking performance here) despite his well publicised past issues with domestic violence.

Not to seem completely biased against Brown, they then went on claim Kesha, Cee Lo and Enrique Iglesias‘ (??) and their use of derogatory language and sexual content was responsible for teen depression and suicide.

I won’t even say anymore. Just watch the video below and speak your mind in our comments section.

Chris vented after catching win of the segment via twitter..

..and then aired his frustration on his track “Real Hip Hop #3″

Ah Chris, this too shall pass.

[via Miss Info]