Foreign English – “F Dot Winter” | New Music

There’s a certain class of musicians that can polish up their product before their bandcamp discography runs past the first few. Foreign English is most certainly belongs in these ranks. Having taken a hiatus since his last output, 2010’s These Lovely Ashes which featured production from Oddisee, Exile and English himself, the DMV producer-rapper is back at it with this sublime single, “F Dot Winter”.

Akin to his previous releases, the track inhabits that same melodic Boom Bap soundscape that catches the ear instantly. Showcasing his charming production once more (FE actually crafted G-Two‘s “Weapons of Mass Seduction“, which we premiered a few months ago), “F Dot Winter” is an entirely independent effort from Foreign English, minus the closing guest appearance from D Dot Omen, a famous name round these blog parts.

Sample the song below and spare a dollar or more to add it to the tapedeck.

Listen To: Foreign English – “F Dot Winter”