Football Pitch Pimping? Westwood’s World Cup Column On News Of The World

When I think of BBC Radio Hip Hop DJ Tim Westwood
, I certainly do not think of football – nor of football’s largest event, the FIFA World Cup. In my mind, some things just go together better; such as chalk and cheese or even oil and water. However, Westwood’s World Cup blog for News Of The World proclaims he’ll not only give us the scoop on these World Cup shenanigans, he’ll pimp it too – “it’s the World Cup, supersized, with gravy on the side!”

So far, Westwood’s first column for his World Cup blog is considerably void of “pimping” and “gravy” and “mad insight”; it’s simply him sharing an opinion. So if you are a footie purist perhaps Westwood’s blog of World Cup pimping isn’t going to satisfy.

That said, the fact that he isn’t too clued up in the game actually makes his point-of-view quite relatable for readers like me, who care little about football normally but get caught up in the World Cup hype and find themselves watching and commenting on the matches.

Will he “pimp” your World Cup experience with this column? Will he “drop da bomb real crazy” on your perspective of the Beautiful Game? Not quite. But Westwood’s personal slant on the World Cup, without being an expert or a footie fanatic, makes it quite refreshing.

Yeah dawg!