Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes | Album Stream

With a week to go til its official release through Ninjatune, try before you buy as Flying Lotus‘ anticipated new album Until The Quiet Comes is now available online for your listening pleasure.

An intricately emotive, soulful body of work with sparingly invited guest appearances from Erykah Badu [on “See Thru to U“], Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke [“Electric Candyman“], Laura Darlington [“Phantasm”], Niki Randa [“Getting there..”] and the LA producer’s musical partner in crime, Thundercat [“DMT Song”], Until The Quiet Comes is released on October 2nd – pre-order here, and listen to the full album in the stream below.

Until The Quiet Comes Tracklist:

1. All In
2. Getting There (f/ Niki Randa)
3. Until the Colours Come
4. Heave(n)
5. Tiny Tortures
6. All the Secrets
7. Sultans Request.
8. Putty Boy Strut
9. See Thru to U (f/ Erykah Badu)
10. Until the Quiet Comes
11. DMT Song (f/ Thundercat)
12. The Nightcaller
13. Only if You Wanna
14. Electric Candyman (f/ Thom Yorke)
15. Hunger (f/ Niki Randa)
16. Phantasm (f/ Laura Darlington)
17. me Yesterday//Corded
18. Dream to Me

[Source: NPR]