Florence + The Machine – “Never Let Me Go” (Clams Casino Remix) | New Music

It’s unwritten truth that Clams Casino is one of the hottest producers right now, but his incredible rise has taken a more covert approach. The New Jersey native claims a good portion of the credit for the sonic identities of two of the internet’s favourite names in Lil B and A$AP Rocky, but due in part to his reserved yet driven ethos, you wouldn’t know it.

“Basically, he took the hazily zonked, nostalgic jumble of ’80s/’90s references that became known as chillwave, and flipped it into a rap-beat format,” is how SPIN Magazine described his sound to new ears, encompassing the lethargic and off-kilter rhythms found on Lil B’s “I’m God” and Rocky’s “Bass” in that evaluation.

Taking one foot out of that zone of leftfield rap, but leaving the other firmly planted in his yawning, bending sound, Clams Casino brings us his reinterpretation of Florence + the Machine‘s “Never Let Me Go”, transforming an already anthemic number into one that possesses a little more rhythmic bite.

Clams’ remix will serve as the B-side on a special edition vinyl copy of “Never Let Me Go”, available April 9th via The Vinyl Factory.

Listen To: Florence and the Machine – “Never Let Me Go” (Clams Casino Remix)

Source: GorillavsBear