Fashawn and Murs set to release collaborative double-disc EP | Music News

Catching up with TheWellVersed at last weekend’s Smokeout Festival in California, Fashawn revealed details on a planned collaborative double-disc project with fellow West Coast emcee Murs.

The two sides will be called Murs and Me and Me and Fash, respectively, with production coming solely from K-Salaam & Beatnick (who claim credits for Lil Wayne, Bun B and Lauryn Hill).

“We’re about 50 percent done with that and that’s gonna be dope… Each project that has the “me” in the title, then that person’s taking the lead on the project,” explains Fashawn. “Like the Murs and Me project, I’m taking the lead on that one. And the Me and Fash project, Murs is taking the lead on that EP.”

Although the pair are both familiar with rapper-producer collaborations (Fashawn with Exile on Boy Meets World, Murs with Ski Beatz on Love & Rockets Vol. 1), they’re currently figuring out a creative method to package and release the project.

“We just wanna do something innovative and fresh,” details Fash.

This certainly sounds exciting. Stay tuned for more details.

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