?uestlove Live Q&A with Billboard (Video)

Billboard sat down with the legendary Roots founding member and drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson yesterday for a live Q&A using questions sent in from the public. Part one of six looks at his family’s history in showbusiness and his own beginnings in the industry as the band paved their way.

Watch the remaining parts after the jump…

Q&A Pt. 2: Questlove tells the story of how he got the gig as bandleader on NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

Q&A Pt. 3: Questlove divulges the fact that Run D.M.C. won’t be playing the Roots picnic on June 5 but members of the Wu-Tang Clan will be, how much he likes Dirty Projectors, and what goes into his drum sound.

Q&A Pt. 4: Quest talks about how Erykah Badu called him up right before doing her controversial nude video for “Window Seat,” why he likes his NBA Live avatar, and gives fans advice on drumming.

Q&A Pt. 5: Questlove talks about his ‘fro, shoes and clothes.