Ex Total member Pam Long on her new solo album, Total’s break up + more (Video)

Hands up if you remember Total?
Yeah, the legendary R&B girl group that were signed to Bad Boy Records back in the day gave us such classics as ‘Can’t You See,’ ‘No One Else,’ and ‘What About Us.’

The group disbanded in 2000 and since then, Keisha Spivey married actor Omar Epps and Kima Raynor spent most of her time supporting her sister, rapper Vita. Pam Long, after a hiatus, is back and ready to release music.

She sat down in this interview with imisstheoldschool.com after a recent performance at the Indigo O2 alnogside Silk and Kut Klose.

She talks about what she’s been up to in the 11 years she’s been away, her upcoming album Undeniable and single, Total’s break up and the possibility of a re-union.