Evil Nine f/ Danny Brown – ‘Black Brad Pitt’ | New Music

From citing Grime as a major musical and style influence to referencing Dizzee Rascal songs on Twitter on the regular, it’s no secret that Danny Brown has an infatuation with music from our little island. Following a collaboration with basshead Darq E Freaker earlier this year for the shameless drug anthem “Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine),” the Detroit-born oddity continues to forge connections across the pond as he guests on Brighton’s experimental breakbeat duo Evil Nine‘s new track, “Black Brad Pitt.”

In short, this just nuts. As the audio announces its presence in your speakers – abruptly, at that – there isn’t much you can point to and call “normal, friendly music”; Danny’s lyrics are as vulgar as ever, the beat’s cartoonish vibe haunts you of a pill-fuelled paranoia hell; while the bass kicks like a god damn donkey.

The single is due out on Brodinski’s Bromance Records later this year.

Listen: Evil Nine f/ Danny Brown – ‘Black Brad Pitt’