Everett James – “Sound Rebellion” | Free Download

If you’re into trance-like, electro-funk bass music that has a trippy phaser sound in it, then Everett James is your man.  He has just released unto the internet a record that does just that, titled “Sound Rebellion.”

Born and raised into a musical family in Asheville, North Carolina, Everett has gone strength to strength with his alternative urban music movement, and feels that his artistry is connected to other similar cultural movements; “What I enjoy the most about being an artist is the freedom to express yourself and be a part of a movement,” he says.

“In this present time we are witnessing freedom in action with the occupy wall street movement and other political movements around the world. We have the power to unite and be heard! It is our job as artists to create art that reflects the time.”

Everett James online: 737music.com/everettjames / @EverettJamesBandcamp

[Spotted @ BamaLoveSoul]