Eve ‘Starting Over’ With EMI On New Album, Lip Lock

Former Ruff Ryders ‘First Lady’ Eve covers the latest cover of Inked magazine and shares her backstory, admits to never freestyling, reflects on growing up from Ruff Ryders and speaks keenly about moving on from her former deal with Interscope in her new situation with EMI, currently working on a new LP titled Lip Lock.


“My deal with Interscope is completely over, thank God… Don’t print that, though!” Eve says, before quickly changing her mind. “Actually, fuck it. I’m with EMI now. I was able to leave and take some music with me but start over, basically.”

The album, now called Lip Lock, will be roughly half tracks she took with her and half new material. Since signing with EMI this summer, she’s been busy writing and recording new music, even heading back into the studio with Swizz Beatz. Along the way she’s tested out a couple of songs, like “Give It Here,” with crowds in Europe. Inked

Read the full interview over at InkedMag.com and check out the accompanying photography by Warwick Saint, below: