Ethiopian Soul: Tommy T (Podcast + Video)

Tommy T, bassist of Gogol Bordello, has compiled a podcast for streaming and download with music from his recent solo release, The Prester John Sessions (Easy Star Records) together with some of his favorite music from which he draws inspiration.

Music includes artists like Aster Aweke, once dubbed “the Aretha Franklin of Ethiopia,” British reggae group Aswad, and Michael Rose of Black Uhuru. Tommy concludes with one more track from The Prester John Sessions, “Tribute to a King,” dedicating the mix to The King of Ethiopian music, Dr. Tilahun Gesesse.

Also check out this video of Tommy T performing with the Abyssinian Roots Collective in Washington DC (February 2010) on behalf of Voice Of Haiti, a charity that’s been working for years to foster sustainable development in the country:

More about Tommy T and The Prester John Sessions:

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