Eric Benet working on new album to follow Lost In Time | Music News

One of the finest soulful R&B voices on the circuit, Eric Benet has already gotten started on his follow-up album to 2010’s Lost In Time, with the new record taking a similar feel.

“I really dug the feel and the vibe of [Lost in Time], so I think I’d like to do a sequel of it as opposed to doing something completely different the next time around,” the Milwaukee, Wisconsin hailing singer recently revealed to Billboard.

All of Benet’s six albums to date have been released through Warner Bros but it is unclear whether his next LP will come through the label. “Without getting into too much detail, things are really dodgy at Warner Bros. right now,” he said. “They are kind of up in the air once again, so we’re trying to figure out what exactly that relationship is. There’s a whole lot of figuring out that needs to be done, a lot of questions unanswered.”

Aside from music, Eric has been trying his hand at acting in a lead role for the first time in a forthcoming film, titled Trinity Good Heart and to be shown on the Gospel Music Channel in August 2011, in which Benet plays a single father raising his biracial teen daughter in “a very, very emotional, bittersweet, heartwarming story.”

We’ll keep you posted with further information on Eric Benet’s new album and film role is it comes.

[Source: Billboard]