Eric Benet talks lack of balance in R&B today (Video)

“When I listen to what is called ‘R&B’ today, to me it sounds more like a combination of techno meets Hip Hop meets pop, with somebody singing auto-tune on top it,” Eric Benet tells HipHollywood.

“I’ve used drum machines and sequences in my career too, the only frustrating part is I would like to see the flipside of that coin getting at least almost as much money and promotion and attention.”

In contrast to much of today’s R&B market, Benet’s focus on live instrumentation and natural, powerful vocals is consistent throughout his new, classic soul inspired album, Lost In Time.

Benet also expresses his desire to get back into the studio with Tamia to follow up on their 1999 Grammy nominated duet and fan favourite “Spend My Life With You,” and talks about working with his daughter India; “An incredible singer and songwriter herself, so when her school schedule permits, we’ll work on some songs and get her stuff ready.”

Lost In Time is out now via Reprise Records [iTunes / Amazon]