Engineer behind Tupac hologram performance reveals how it was done [Video]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you’ve at least heard about Tupac‘s temporary comeback performance with his ex-partners Snoop and Dre at this year’s Coachella music festival. In the latest episode of Pensado’s Place, the engineer responsible for the special feature explains how difficult it was to put together.

Grammy-winning mixer and engineer Dave Pensado and his co-host Herb Trawick talk in detail with mixer and producer Claudio Cueni, the man behind Tupac’s posthumous performance.

In this insightful 15-minute Skype interview, Cueni discusses the technical difficulties he faced, specifically those he encountered while piecing together the shout out at the start of the performance: He says he endured two days of stress putting together the word “Coachella” (as the festival debuted three years after Pac’s death). He also notes that the re-creation was actually made possible by glass, not technically a hologram, which made it possible for Tupac to move across the stage and interact with Snoop — the very feature that made it such an impressive and quite surreal watch. As a big Tupac fan, Cueni also stressed how important it was to consider whether the MC would have liked what was being done.

It’s a very intriguing chat. Check it out below.
[via JOTV]